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Do I Tell My Daughter?

After Vanessa got a DUI, her husband Tommy wanted to tell their 19 year old daughter and use mom's story as a teaching moment. Vanessa is embarrassed and wants to keep it a secret.

02/09/2017 download 

No Deliveries!

Shawn says his wife Tiffany is to blame for their friend's marital problems because Tiffany allows her friend to have items she's purchased online shipped to Tiffany and Shawn's house to keep it away from her own husband.

01/31/2017 download 

Sweet 16 Spring Break?

Joe promised his daughter a trip for her 16th birthday. She wants to go with her 18 year old cousin to South Padre Island for Spring Break. Mom says that she's a great kid and trusts her. Joe says no way!

01/30/2017 download 

Group Therapy: Change Your Stylist

Christopher wants his girlfriend, Kate to find a new hair salon because he says he witnessed her stylist's hands all over her. Kate says her stylist is professional, not interested in her and the best stylist she's ever had. Christopher says he would rather her go to a woman. Should she have to switch?

01/27/2017 download 

Her Clock is Wrong!

Annie and Eric are newlyweds and are living together for the first time. There's already something they want to change about each other!

01/26/2017 download 

Group Therapy

This paper is unacceptable!!!

01/25/2017 download 

Group Therapy: No Skydiving, Honey

Kim's husband Bill is an adrenaline junkie! She wants to put a limit on his risk taking and she's got good reason!

01/23/2017 download 

Group Therapy: Who gets the bonus?

Hannah is upset with her husband Marc for spending money she didn't even know he had.

01/20/2017 download 

Group Therapy: Playdate Nightmare

Brenda wants to confront her son's friend's parents about how he breaks toys during playdates but her husband Neil wants her to forget about it.

01/19/2017 download 

Group Therapy: Sticking to the Resolution

Jaqeline thinks her husband Rob is untrustworthy after he broke the resolution they made together.

01/18/2017 download 

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