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Nate Carter

“A thirty-something that loves to travel, exploring downtowns” and self-proclaimed foodie, are just a few ways Nate Carter describes… Nate Carter.

He began his radio career at the ripe age of seventeen, and most recently moved to the Tulsa area in early 2016. “Discovering the Tulsa area continues to be a great experience,” Nate has said of his recent transition. His focus on programming strategies and continually evolving his on-air presentation are what sets him apart from the competition. He also utilizes his social media presence to build the best bond possible with a brand’s audience. 

Nate has maintained many successful endorsements, including restaurants, auto dealers, health and fitness facilities, and wireless communications. 

While restaurants, automotive, or health and fitness training are an easy fit for Nate, he feels personal experience and/or knowledge of a product or service contribute to the success of an endorsement campaign. As well as consistency. “Long-term endorsement clients so easily become a part of your everyday life, it’s easy for the audience to trust my endorsement,” says Carter. Encouraged feedback, authenticity, honesty, and genuine delivery on-air are also a few things a client can expect when working with Mix 96.5’s Afternoon Drive host.