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Jenny Lee

About Jenny: She grew up in Illinois before heading north for college at The University of Wisconsin. Before making her way to Tulsa, she worked at stations in Door County, WI as well as Madison, WI. Don't worry- she never picked up that weird Wisconsin accent.

Quote To Live By: "...just be nice to people, you know?" –Taylor Swift 

Birthday: January 13th 

Favorite Artists: Taylor Swift (she totally just "gets" my inner 14 year old), Ed Sheeran (bc I have a thing for red-heads), and Katy Perry. P.S. - don't be surprised if you catch me listening to some hip-hop and R&B. I love Big Sean. 

Back Up Career: If I weren't in radio, I'd like to be a Kardashian. That job looks pretty sweet. 

Favorite Foods: Frosting! Fried Cheese Curds and guacamole are tied for 2nd place. 

Hobbies & Interests: Telling people that I like to work out, but then really just watching TV. I'm a sucker for guilty-pleasure-style reality TV shows (Kardashians, American Pickers, Real Housewives, marathons of anything on TLC). I also LOVE all things girlie - makeup, shopping for clothes, getting my nails done. 

Previous Jobs: Hotels! I've worked at the front desk of 3 different hotels. I kind of dig the hospitality industry.